Cooking Time : 7-8 mins

INGREDIENTS : Fish ( any varieties, cleaned and cut into pieces ) – 1 kgs

Important : To remove the fishy odour little bit rub the fish pieces with salt, lime juice and keep it aside for 10 min after that wash it again with the clean water, then do the marination.

salt, red chilli powder , turmeric powder , ginger garlic paaste, green chilli paste, tandoori fish masala, mustard seeds powder, garam masala, roasted jeera and dhania powder ( as per taste ).

Fresh lime – 1 nos

Chat masala – as per taste

Onion – cut as spiring onions

Mustard oil – 1 table spoon


Wash and marinated the fish with all the above spices then take the cooking tray out of the tandoor, place the magic cloth on it put 1 teaspoon of mustard oil, grease it properly and put all the marinated fish pieces on the magic cloth and cook it for 7-8 min in the switched on tandoor, please open the tray in between after few minutes change or rotate the sides of fish pieces so that it get uniformly roasted all around and few drops of fresh lime juice and serve it with the spring onions.

[NOTE: Same way you can cook some delicious prawns tikkas.]