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How to Make Tandoori Roti

Cooking Time: 2 min aprx


Whole Wheat Floor    -    500gm

Salt                             -    As per taste

Water to prepare the dough



Prepare the whole wheat flour dough by kneading it soft with water and salt (as per taste ) and wrap it with a wet kitchen cloth for a while.

First pre heat the tandoor with half tray open for 7-8 mins and then close the tray and preheat it for another 2 min in before placing the rolled tandoori roti, on the tray directly put the rolled down, if you want to open it between for checking you can do that for the initial usage. After some practiced usage you will come to know about the proper timing and usage, while serving if anyone desire they can apply one tea spoon oil on the cooked tandoori roties.

 [Please note the consistency of the wheat flour dough should be softer than regular flour dough]

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