Cooking Time : 15 mins ( without preheating the tandoor )


Maida – 200 gram

Eggs – g no5

Sugar finely – 100 gram

Vanilla Essence – 2 tea spoon

Butter – 1 tea spoon

Baking powder – 1 tea spoon

Cooking soda – 1 tea spoon

Cooking powder – 1 table spoon


First mix the egg and sugar powder and beat it well with spoon, then add baking powder, cooking soda and vanilla essence to the mixture after that mix maida ( plain flour) now mix al; the above mixture in one direction and make a smooth cake butter atleast 15-20 min , then take the cake tin grease it from inside with little butter and than sprinkle some dry plain flour in that, then put all the prepared cake batter in that and cover it with a piece of thick aluminium foil paper, which is again grease it little bit for hard . i.e. the portion is going to touch the baked cacke closed the foil paper all around the side of the cake and sepraterly prepare and 3-4 foledof alumunium paper like a square small pad open the cooking tray put the 3-4 fold pad on that keep teh cake tin and keep it in the center of the tray and plug on the tandoor for 15 min towards outside and close the tray,cook it for rest of the time and switch off the tandoor and open the tray little bit and leave it as it is for another 10 min in off position , pyut sharp knife in middle and check it form the center whether it is baked properly or riot without opening the top aluminium foil paper from the top of the cake tin, if it is done then bring it out and enjoy the hot cake eith your family and friends.

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