Cooking Time : 5 mins ( approx )


Pizza base – 2 nos ( 6 inch size )

Mozzarella amul pizza cheese – 1 nos ( 200 gram )

Capsicum ( chopped ) – 1 nos

Onion ( chopped ) – 1 nos

Tomatoes ( chopped ) – 1 nos

Pizza topping – 1 table spoon

Tomato sauce – 2 table spoon

Black pepper powder, salt – 1 tea spoon

Red chilli flakes – as per taste

Baby corn – 2-3 nos ( cut in to thin

round slice )

Similarly you can change the topping from vegetables to greated paneer only cheese pizza.

First do the toasting of packed pizza base little bit so that the moisture comes out of the base which remain in the base while packing is done.after toasting is done you can spread the pizza topping ( one tea spoon ) unifomly on the upper surface of the toasted pizza base than spread some grated mozzarella cheese to cover on the top then spread all chopped vegetables with some pieces of roundly cut baby corn and also sprinkle salt, pepper m power and red chilli flakes on that and again put some quantity of grated mozzarella cheese tpo cover up the toppings.

Plug it on the tandoor and bring and cooking tray from the tandoor and place the magic cloth and above that put one of the pizza base covered with all topping and cook it for 2-3 min, but please do not forget to open the cooking tray in between and rotate the pizza tray in between and rotate little bit so that the pizza is ready for serve. cut in between in a diamond shape with the help of pizza cutter and put some tomato sauce on the top of each pizza slice ( optional ) even some time you can use mustard sauce aslo.

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