Chefman Electric G-coil cooktop 1250 Watts/ ISI Marked Coil Stove


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Chefman Electric G-coil cooktop 2000 watts special feature : G-coil electric cooking stove with rotary switch about product : There’s no need to sacrifice your favorite home cooked meals simply because you choose to explore or travel with this sleek burner cooktop, you can prepare those home cooked meals with ease no matter where you are, so long as you have an electrical outlet, you are ready to cook up a storm this ultra lightweight and compact cooktop brings the power of your stove to any desired location. The G-coil electrical cooktop works well on any cookware surfaces. A portable cooktop with all the usefulness of gas and induction stove. It will easily fit into most spaces, and will cool down quickly once you have completed cooking and unplugged it from the electrical outlet to avoid unnecessary heat. G-coil electrical cooktop saves electricity, money and time. This is the best alternative to lpg gas stoves etc. No need to worry incase if the lpg gas is exhausted in between cooking your meal. It is beneficial for housewives, working women, bachelors, offices, students away from home etc. The special coating only allows heat to reach the cookware surface, avoiding electric shocks, especially when using metal cookware. Energy efficiency You can cook rice and potatoes in few minutes. Milk boils within few seconds. It cooks food in less time and hence consumes less power.


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