Wellberg Micro Combo Electric Tandoor


  • Shock Proof, Fitted with extra safe heating elements,Light weight and elegant looking,Aluminum Tray Electric Tandoor In India2 years of manufacturer warranty, For Heating Element product is shock proof and entirely durable
  • IDEAL for : grilling, roasting, tosting and baking ” paneer tikka, You make in chicken, tandoori roti, paratha, cake, muffins, paneer tikka, aalu tikka, roti, and so many other tadoori items
  • Power supply 1500watt, it takes 1.5 unit per HOURS size : 10 ” inch’s” Easy to Operate and Clean
  • Auxiliary Equipment : 1 Grill, 1 Magic Cloth, 4 Skwers, 1 Gloves, 1 Pizza Cutter and 1 Recipe Book
  • Intenational Brand Made In India 2 Years warranty of Heating Element.


Tandoori & grilled items, you can grill paneer, chicken, and vegetables. electric tandoor in India shock proof, fitted with extra safe heating elements, light weight and elegant looking, aluminum tray online electric tandoor at India. Indulge over some delicious food treat from the house and prepare yummy food on-the-go. Made from aluminum and toughened front glass windows, this product is shock proof and entirely durable. Enjoy hassle-free cooking of healthy and delicious chicken, mushrooms, potatoes or fish on the go with this appliance that helps you roast yummy dishes in the healthiest manner. Relish on oil-free tandoori and grilled food, without a worry. You may also defrost frozen food and reheat fast food with no overcooking. It comes with pizza cutter, jaali, sikh and 1 non-stick sheets. With 2 years of manufacturer warranty, for heating element it is also available so, wait no more to cook with this deity of tandoor-maker.


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